“Prepare the unprepared” …for change


Supporting organisations with transformation programs: Leadership Development - Business Development journeys; based on our 12 practices, and tailored to the exact nature and scope of the personal leadership and/or business change challenges.


Help people discover their own and other’s leadership values, purpose and practices, so they can innovate and successfully navigate change (individually and together); and continue to prosper within their careers, enterprises and community gatherings.


Grow different generations of ‘agile’, ‘entrepreneurial’ and ‘sustainability’ minded leaders, who will continue to invest in other’s leadership talent development, so everyone remains ‘fit for the future purpose’.

Youth & Community

Reach out and support young people, or those adults with limited resources; improving their everyday practice of the three essential life and leadership skills deep two-way communication, long-lasting relationship building, and critical knowledge creation - capture - sharing - application - dissemination.



All our services are built on a diagnostics of the personal / team / organisational change leadership challenges you face, using our global proprietary 12 Leadership ‘Agility’ Practices assessment and learning methodology. This consists of a questionnaire, accompanied by consultation with a MLA Master.


Why attend? Entrepreneurial enterprises and early stage organisations build their original success on exploiting a fantastic business or public service idea. However as the organisation begins to grow, well-functioning teams, and especially the management team, become more and critical to building and sustaining productivity, profitability and prosperity. The quality of the interactions within the leadership team, and wider team members with their employees, investors, suppliers and customers dictate the success and sustainability of the enterprise.

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