Executive Coaching

Who is this service for:

It is for Senior Executives, C-Suites, Directors, General Manager and above, responsible for leading people through significant, difficult or complex changes.

Purpose of coaching:

The focus is on being a skilled sounding board, advising and guiding as different leadership challenges emerge. Together with the coachee, our purpose is to create continuous improvement through reflection and adaptation, turned into effective leadership practice, decision making and action, which produces sustainable and positive people and business impacts.

Goal to achieve:

The goal for the coachee, with our support, is to work towards leadership coaching mastery by first becoming a respected and valued leadership coach who, in parallel with their own development, re-inforce and deepen their learning by coaching direct reports to improve their own leadership agility. This builds the overall leadership capability and capacity available to the business, as it continues to navigate changing internal and external conditions to achieve sustainable market and/or sector leading results.

Contract Packages for Executive Coaching:

ON – CALL Option:
A 12-month investment which includes open access to the coach by remote or face-to-face communication.
A package of planned 6 x up to 90 minute sessions by remote or face-to-face communication, scheduled on a monthly basis over 6 months.