Founder and Chief Facilitator

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International Speaker | Global Thought Leader | Mentor of C-Suite Exec | Visiting Professor at Global Business Schools

Mentor of C-Suite executives and managers focused on creating ‘sustainable’ commercial and public value in multicultural settings.

Leadership roles in a FTSE 100 Company (HR – L&D), Business Schools and Training-Consultancy businesses.

Visiting Teaching Fellow at University of Birmingham (UK), Singapore Institute of Management, and Bond University (Australia) Business Schools

Leadership Development thought leader; creator of a proprietary, useable at any age and in any circumstance, cross-cultural, ‘personal values-guided’ 12 leadership ‘agility’ practices learning methodology and diagnostic technology.

International guest speaker, with appearances, for example, on New Zealand national business media as an advisor to Government on nationwide CEO leadership development

First author of ‘Developing Change Leaders: the principles and practices of change leadership development’ (Elsevier Publishing) Leadership roles in a UK FTSE 100 Company, Business Schools and Training-Consultancy businesses.

Founder of Mastering Leadership Agility (UK) Ltd and MLA (Singapore) Pte Ltd; introducing change leadership, using natural world insights and multi-sensory learning, to adults and young people, with the goal of creating a better world together.

A former Selection, Career Guidance, Talent Management and Training Director, and current international mentor and consultant, Paul has worked with over 100 organisations on projects involving 20,000+managers, professionals and employees. More recently, as Founder of MLA, he has facilitated ‘change leadership’ development for Owner-Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Directors, early career managers and young people from over 20 countries.

Paul has facilitated leadership agility practices learning for Owner-Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Directors, mid and early career managers from over 50 countries, including those attending Business Schools at Singapore Institute of Management, University of Birmingham (UK), Bond University, Australia; Academy of Finance, Vietnam; Perm State Research University, Russian Federation; National University of Ireland, and Lancaster University (UK).