Associate Trainer

Peter Daniel specializes in developing and improving communication skills at the workplace. He conducts workshops in the areas of speaking, writing, interpersonal and corporate communication skills. He has over 20 years of experience training in Singapore, as well as regionally in Malaysia and Vietnam. Peter holds a Master of Education (English Language) from the National Institute of Education, which is an institute of Nanyang Technological University. He has also completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, ACTA certification from the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), and is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner.

Peter Daniel started his career as a financial instruments trader and progressed to become an Assistant Vice President in the sales division of a global financial derivatives firm. Upon embarking on a second career in the education industry, he taught at various organizations, in the fields of English language acquisition, sales and communication skills. In 2009, he worked with a group of high-ranking Vietnamese government officials, developing a curriculum with the goal of improving their English language and business communication skills. At William Angliss Institute, which is a Continuing Education and Training Centre (CET) for the tourism industry as well as an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) for food and beverage training, Peter has been teaching modules such as Create Customer Experience for the Singapore Grand Prix. He has been a facilitator of networking and communication programmes for staff of the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), at the Centre for Management Development. In addition, Peter has also taught Communication For Business, among other modules, as a lecturer at James Cook University.

Peter won third prize at the National Public Speaking Competition and has taught speaking skills at various organizations. He had been an experiential trainer with Focus Adventures and had facilitated as a team-building coach. In 2014, he facilitated a workshop for lecturers from the Institute of Technical Education, where he taught Task-Based teaching methodology which can be used effectively to teach ITE students. In 2015, Peter was featured in a book about teachers’ contributions to Singapore as part of the SG50 celebrations. The book was titled, ‘Reflections on National Identity’, and was endorsed by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. Peter is an energetic facilitator and his workshop attendees have constantly remarked that his relaxed and confident approach, together with his sense of humour, has led to a fruitful and enjoyable training experience.