Our Purpose


Re-Humanising & Re-Inventing Leadership Development


From WHY & WHAT to HOW

Our calling and ambition is to help children, youth, organisations, communities and nations become prosperous and change resilient by developing 12 day to day and life-long Leadership ‘agility’ Practices, using our education, training, career management, coaching, and consultancy ‘diagnostics and services’.

We help leadership learners to clarify, prioritise, execute, measure and adapt their purpose-values, goals and implementation plans, whilst internal and external conditions and circumstances continually change.

Focusing on re-humanising leadership for constant re-invention, generating hope and showing HOW we can improve ourselves to successfully navigate change in our rapidly altering world.

MLA is a UK based Company with a global operational hub in Singapore since 2017, taking advantage of Singapore’s strategic geographical location and its brand reputation for world-leading educational investment and infrastructure, which we are also contributing towards building.